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West Goshen Elementary School Named 2018 TAP Founder's Award Recipient

Leaders and staff from West Goshen Elementary School, as well as Goshen Community Schools leaders and officials, take to the stage to celebrate West Goshen's 2018 TAP Founder's Award. The honor, created by NIET Chairman and TAP Founder Lowell Milken (far left) comes with a $50,000 cash prize. NIET CEO Dr. Gary Stark (far right) joined Lowell Milken in the presentation.

From left to right: Lowell Milken; Goshen Community Schools Superintendent Dr. Diane Woodworth; Goshen Community Schools Executive Master Teacher Dr. Lisa Puckett; Goshen Community Schools Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources and Professional Development Tammy Ummel; TAP Mentor Teacher Mindy Park; TAP Master Teacher Aimee Schade; TAP Mentor Teacher Holly DuBois; TAP Mentor Teacher Lauren Moore; Goshen Community Schools Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education Dr. Alan Metcalfe; TAP Mentor Teacher Carrie Garber; TAP Mentor Teacher Ruth Metcalfe; Assistant Principal Karen Brock; Principal Lori Line; and Dr. Gary Stark.

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“Only when society demonstrates respect for educators will the brightest and most capable students choose it as their profession.” - Lowell Milken