The Milken Archive


The Milken Archive of American Jewish Music (Archive) creates and preserves for posterity the fullest possible context of Jewish life in America. Working with many of the world’s greatest musicians and conductors, the Archive has recorded over 600 works by more than 200 composers – a treasure available through the Archive’s virtual museum website, which is organized into 20 thematic volumes and includes important oral histories based on hundreds of hours of interviews. A catalogue of 50 Milken Archive CD’s on the Naxos American Classic label is now available worldwide. Producer David Frost won a GRAMMY© as Producer of the Year, Classical, for his work on five Milken Archive recordings; and a radio series, "American Jewish Music from the Milken Archive with Leonard Nimoy," continues to air. The Archive believes that virtuoso performances of great works of music- from symphonies to synagogue services, Yiddish theater to opera, chamber works to cantorial masterpieces - can touch people of all faiths and cultures while providing Jews with an invaluable link to their heritage. 

As an academic partner to the Archive, the Herb Alpert School of Music at UCLA established the Lowell Milken Fund for American Jewish Music. The fund amplifies the prestigious music school's efforts to advance and advocate for the field of American Jewish music by contributing to research, scholarship and programs in the field at the undergraduate, graduate and faculty levels, while presenting concerts and symposia to engage and educate the community.

The historical sweep of the Milken Archive, coupled with the power of the virtual museum to make unexpected connections between different genres and time periods, is of value not only to those within the Jewish community, or with an interest in its affairs. For the music contained within the Archive is not only intrinsically valuable as art; it is also a roadmap of the complex, winding relationship that has evolved between Jews and American society over the past several hundred years, a relationship that has much to teach us all.

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