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Lowell Milken Speaks at Congressional Reception in Kennedy Caucus Room

To congratulate the most recent group of Milken Award-winning educators, as well as learn from them, representatives from the U.S. Congress and Senate gathered with Lowell Milken and his brother Michael on Wednesday, March 22, in the historic Kennedy Caucus room on Capital Hill. Addressing all the attendees, Lowell remarked about the important dialogue needed between educators and policy makers to elevate teacher-leaders. "The role of the teacher  ““Today we celebrate a group of 75 teachers who are leaders in their field," he said. "We need to offer greater leadership roles for these educators." Senators Michael Bennet and Lamar Alexander, featured speakers at the event, stand behind Lowell, eager to meet educators from their home states.

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“Only when society demonstrates respect for educators will the brightest and most capable students choose it as their profession.” - Lowell Milken