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Hoffmitz Milken Center for Typography Publishes "Mujeres Hispanas Y Tipografía"

In time for National Hispanic Heritage Month celebrating the histories and cultures of Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America, HMCT is proud to announce the publication of Mujeres Hispanas y Tipografía, arriving October 2022. Mujeres Hispanas y Tipografía (Hispanic Women and Typography) documents the 2021 HMCT Typographers-in-Residence program. Celebrating the talent and contribution of five Hispanic women designers, researchers, and educators to the field of graphic design and typography, this bilingual catalog is a reflection of the influences that individual cultures and histories had on their investigations. Included is the work of Sandra García and Dafne Martínez (Colombia and Mexico), Laura Meseguer (Spain), Marina Garone Gravier (Argentina/Mexico), and Jimena Gamio (Peru/Los Angeles). For more on their individual projects, visit

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