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2014 Lowell Milken TAP Founder's Award

Left to right: NIET Chairman and TAP Founder Lowell Milken, Knox TAP Executive Master Teacher Margo Dalimonte, Knox TAP Director Keith Wilson, Carter Master Teacher Kenny Johnston, Carter Master Teacher Susan Pierce, NIET Director of K-12 Services Dr. David Kovach, Carter Principal Ryan Siebe, Knox Supervisor of Secondary Education Cheryl Hickman, NIET Senior Program Specialist Dr. Alejandra Rice, Carter Master Teacher Kay Rose, Carter Master Teacher Brent Glenn, Carter Master Teacher Angie Messer, Knox Executive Master Teacher Liz Norton, NIET Communications Senior Vice President Bonnie Somers, and NIET President and CEO Dr. Gary Stark.

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“Only when society demonstrates respect for educators will the brightest and most capable students choose it as their profession.” - Lowell Milken