NIET: TAP and the BPC


Established by Lowell Milken in 2005, the National Institute for Excellence in Teaching (NIET) is dedicated to providing classrooms across the country with educators who are high-caliber, highly motivated and of the highest standard in teacher effectiveness.

The National Institute for Excellence in Teaching (NIET) aims to have a nation of high-caliber K-12 educators who are motivated, effective and appropriately rewarded. NIET pursues its mission to increase educator effectiveness through two signature initiatives—TAP: The System for Teacher and Student Advancement, and the NIET Educator Effectiveness Best Practices Center.

TAP is yielding impressive student gains among tens of thousands of students around the country, particularly in districts with a history of low achievement rates. In the report, "The Effects of Performance-Based Teacher Pay on Student Achievement," by Sally Hudson and published by the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research, Hudson concluded that TAP schools outperformed similar non-TAP schools when evaluating 151 schools in 10 states. In addition, she found that the effects of TAP on student achievement are larger and more cost-effective in comparison to other education reforms.

The Educator Effectiveness Best Practices Center (BPC) provides innovative services, support and solutions to schools, districts and states to improve educator effectiveness. Based on more than a decade of experience in schools across the country, the BPC works with its partners to redesign educator evaluation, deliver effective professional development, implement performance-based compensation systems and train teacher leaders in schools. The BPC offers a network of expert trainers and access to a range of innovative Web-based resources and tools.

With proven results and leadership in educator quality and reform, NIET works to engage schools, districts and states through:

  • Service
    Expert trainers work with school, district and state leaders to identify their needs and utilize specific tools and resources to directly train school and district personnel. On-site, specifically designed service helps maximize the impact on teachers and students. The BPC provides high-quality training quickly and at scale as well as ongoing support as needed.  
  • Support
    With a broad, growing base of knowledge and expertise in research, policy and practice in the areas of teacher and principal effectiveness, the BPC analyzes current systems and provides expert recommendations for increasing educator excellence.  
  • Solutions
    Through the Best Practices Portal, NIET offers innovative, Web-based resources and training modules linked to the essential aspects of instructional practice, teacher evaluation tools, online evaluator certification, data management software to store and analyze evaluation data, performance-based compensation models and extensive video libraries of teacher practice.

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