Lowell Milken Institute

The Lowell Milken Institute for Business Law and Policy (LMI) expands the boundaries of traditional business law education by equipping students to contribute to and succeed in the dynamic global economy and to become leaders in business and in law. Building on UCLA School of Law’s scholarly and pedagogic foundation, LMI offers students innovative curricular and co-curricular opportunities, practical skills development and experiential learning. LMI also engages and connects law students, lawyers, investors, corporate managers, regulators, policy makers and academics at conferences and colloquia where essential and current issues in business law are debated and advanced.

In all of its initiatives, the Lowell Milken Institute is guided by several core principles. Most fundamentally, the Institute treats law as an integral part of business activity, especially in an entrepreneurial economy. Business law and policy decisions play a key role in determining whether and where jobs will be created, whether and where new businesses will be started, and whether our economy will prosper in a global environment. To succeed in an increasingly complex business and legal environment, business lawyers must have a deep understanding of the clients they serve and the economic settings in which these clients operate. The complex forces that shape an entrepreneurial economy demand that the field of business law and policy transcends disciplinary boundaries to capitalize on the insights of economists, sociologists, historians, psychologists, and business analysts. To achieve a lasting impact, the Institute bridges the divides among academic disciplines and between the academy and practice, using creative partnerships to shape the future of business law and policy.

To learn more about the Lowell Milken Institute, please visit www.lowellmilkeninstitute.law.ucla.edu.