Vision Statement

The Lowell Milken Family Foundation is based on a core belief that human capital remains the world's most important asset; it is, in fact, the decisive element in every endeavor. And education remains the best means for cultivating human capital by providing young people with the  skills, knowledge and experiences to prepare them for rewarding and  productive lives. Although education is the key to a secure future, it can only have this power if it is delivered and received as part of rigorous experience. That is why the Lowell Milken Family Foundation is dedicated to developing solutions for societal challenges through innovative approaches to improving the K-12 education system and opportunities for life-long learning. The Foundation focuses its efforts on groundbreaking and comprehensive initiatives that provide powerful opportunities for educators, students and people of all ages.


"Education is at the heart of nearly everything we value as individuals, as citizens and as productive human beings."

Founder, Lowell Milken