Hoffmitz Milken Center For Typography Current Exhibition

Mar 13, 2017

Double Data | Typography + Data Visualization is open now through May 13, 2017.

Education Week Shares Advice from 2016-17 Milken Educator Award Recipients

Dec 08, 2016

Education Week Teacher reached out to a few of this year's Milken Educator awardees by email to ask: What advice would you offer K-12 teachers and leaders for how to create a successful classroom?

Hall of Unsung Heroes Grand Opening Remarks

May 24, 2016

Lowell Milken speaks to honor the Grand Opening of the Center for Unsung Heroes on May 24th, 2016.

Commencement Remarks to 2015 Graduating Class of Chapman University

May 23, 2015

Lowell Milken's commencement remarks to the 2015 graduating of of the George L. Argyros School of Business and Economics at Chapman University.

Leah Hoffmitz Milken: Her Life and Work Celebrated at Unique Art Center Event

Feb 07, 2015
Tags: Leah Hoffmitz Milken

Laughter, tears and, most of all, love was in abundance on Thursday, Jan. 29th, when more than 200 close friends and family gathered in Art Center’s Wind Tunnel Gallery to remember the extremely perceptive, bigger than life, impressively precise, brutally honest and encouragingly supportive Leah Toby Hoffmitz Milken.

A Message from Lowell on the Hoffmitz Milken Center for Typography

Dec 02, 2014

I wish to share with you some exciting and meaningful news. The long-envisioned Hoffmitz Milken Center for Typography at Art Center College of Design was officially announced today as an integral part of Art Center College of Design’s mission and strategic plan for the future.

Securing Democracy Through Education: An Essay By Lowell Milken

Oct 15, 2014
Tags: Education Reform, TAP System for teacher and student advancement

From generation to generation, talented teachers transmit democracy through the power of quality education.

Lowell Milken featured in Milken Institute Currency of Ideas

Apr 30, 2013

When it comes to education reform, what do the U.S., China, Israel and India have in common? During the panel “The International Quest for Effective Education Reform” at the Milken Institute Global Conference, education leaders agreed that regardless of geographic area, culture or economic status, human capital—effective teachers and determined students—are the driving forces behind educational, and subsequently economic, success.

Lowell Milken Family Foundation Provides $100,000 in School and District Recognitions at 13th National TAP Conference

Mar 09, 2013
Tags: TAP System, 13th Annual National TAP Conference, Lowell Milken Family Foundation

Through the generous support of the Lowell Milken Family Foundation, $100,000 in award recognitions were proivded to schools and school districts across the country during at the 13th National TAP Conference in Washington, D.C. The awards were presented before over 1,200 educators and policy leaders attending the Conference.

The Milken Archive Honors the Life of Dave Brubeck

Dec 06, 2012
Tags: Dave Brubeck, Milken Archive, Lowell Milken

While renowned as a performer, composer and band leader, “Dave Brubeck was a giant not only in music but in spirit,” said Milken Archive founder Lowell Milken. “His work will continue to speak an eternal message of hope for the brotherhood of man.”

Lowell Milken Center Featured in Kansas! Magazine

Mar 15, 2012
Tags: Lowell Milken Center

In the most recent issue of Kansas! Magazine, the Lowell Milken Center was featured as the #2 of 20 in the " 20 Reasons We Love Kansas" article.

UCLA LAW Magazine: A Conversation with Lowell Milken

Jan 10, 2012
Tags: Lowell Milken Institite for Business Law and Policy, UCLA

"A Conversation with Lowell Milken" appears in the most recent issue of the UCLA School of Law magazine. Lowell Milken, UCLA School of Law 2009 alumnus of the year, discusses the recent establishment of the Lowell Milken Institute for Business Law and Policy at UCLA School of Law.

Lowell Milken Institute for Business Law and Policy at UCLA School of Law

Nov 15, 2011
Tags: Lowell Milken Institute for Business Law and Policy, UCLA School of Law

The Lowell Milken Institute for Business Law and Policy, established in 2011 with a gift from UCLA School of Law Alumnus Lowell Milken, will serve students, faculty and the greater community at the highest levels of scholarship and real-world experience. By supporting core academic programs, promoting innovative new initiatives and providing financial support for students, the Lowell Milken Institute will advance UCLA School of Law’s strength in research and teaching, as well as facilitate sustained dialogue with policymakers and practitioners that will leave a lasting impact on the larger legal and business communities.

UCLA Chancellor's Letter to the Editor

Sep 22, 2011
Tags: UCLA Chancellor's Letter to the Editor

With state support for public universities in decline, UCLA today relies on generosity more than ever to foster cutting-edge research and provide quality education. At times like this, we turn to great Californians like Lowell Milken.

Lowell Milken Center Fellowship 2011

Jul 26, 2011
Tags: Lowell Milken Center

The Lowell Milken Center of Fort Scott, Kansas has awarded the prestigious Lowell Milken Center Fellowship to Richard Meserve of Falmouth, Maine and Anna Hull of Panama City Beach, Florida.

2011 Lowell Milken Center Fellow

Jun 25, 2011

The Lowell Milken Center has awarded the third prestigious Lowell Milken Center Fellowship of the year to Stephanie Bishop of Prince George, Virginia. She arrived in Fort Scott on July 10th for a week of collaboration with the Center.

An Introduction to TAP: The System for Teacher and Student Advancement

Jun 15, 2011

In 1999 Lowell Milken introduced TAP™: The System for Teacher and Student Advancement to an audience more than a thousand strong of award-winning educators and policymakers. Today, TAP is regarded as the largest multi-year, multi-state effort to create performance-based teacher and principal compensation systems—ever, now impacting 200,000 students and 20,000 teachers in 13 states as it grows exponentially.


Surprise Phone Call to Spouse of Latest Arizona Milken Educator Award Recipient

Arizona Milken Educator Network Welcomes Principal Timothy Thomas.

Felicia Casto wins Milken Educator Award at Rim Rock Elementary

Lowell Milken Presents Hawaii Teacher Kelly Sutcliffe with Milken Educator Award

Hawaii Teacher Masaru Uchino Presented with Milken Educator Award

Media Interviews at Devon Willis-Jones Milken Educator Awards Assembly

Lowell Milken Speaks with Newest KS Milken Educator Stephanie Conklin

TAP Master Teacher Aimee Schade Wins IN Milken Educator Award

Jayda Pugliese Announced as PA Milken Educator Award Recipient

Lowell Milken with Photojournalist Therese Frere at Hall of Unsung Heroes Grand Opening

New Center for Unsung Heroes Grand Opening Ribbon-cutting Ceremony

Southport Elementary and Perry Township Schools Wins 2016 TAP Founder's Award

2016 National TAP Conference Welcome Address

2015 Milken Educator Award Recipient Ryan Moore with daughter and Lowell Milken

Lowell Milken Accepts Honorary Doctorate from Chapman University

Lowell Milken Speaks at 2015 Chapman University Commencement

Ana Gutierrez Milken Educator Awards Notification

Lowell Milken Moderates Education Reform Panel at 2014 Milken Institute Global Conference

The TAP System: Advancing Educator Effectiveness in Practice Panel Discussion

State Education Reform and the Role of Teacher Effectiveness Panel at 2013 TAP Conference

2013 TAP Ambassador Awards


Felicia Casto Wins Colorado Milken Educator Award at Rim Rock Elementary

Lowell Milken, chairman and co-founder of the Milken Family Foundation, surprises math teacher Felicia Casto with a 2016-17 Milken Educator Award and $25,000 at Rim Rock Elementary in Fruita, CO.

Lowell Milken Surprises Hawaii Teacher Kelly Sutcliffe with Milken Educator Award

At President Thomas Jefferson Elementary School, Fourth-grade teacher Kelly Sutcliffe (left) can hardly believe she has won a 2016-17 Milken Educator Award and $25,000.

Lowell Milken Presents Hawaii Teacher Masaru Uchino with Milken Educator Award

Milken Family Foundation Chairman and Co-Founder Lowell Milken surprises third-grade teacher Masaru Uchino with a 2016-17 Milken Educator Award and $25,000.

New Orleans Teacher Catherine Randall Becomes a Louisiana Milken Educator

Davies Elementary third-grade teacher Catherine Randall was surprised with a Milken Educator Award. Students, staff and guests gave Randall a long, enthusiastic standing ovation, and when she took the microphone to accept the Award from Lowell Milken, chairman and co-founder.

Celebrating 30 Years of Milken Educators

This year marks the 30th year of the Milken Educator Awards, the oldest teacher recognition program of its kind in the U.S. For three decades this initiative of the Milken Family Foundation, which Lowell Milken conceived and established, has surprised outstanding educators with $25,000 checks and national recognition.

Milken Educators are surprised at boisterous schoolwide assemblies before cheering students, respected colleagues, distinguished officials and the media. 

The prestigious honor, to be presented at up to 35 schools this 2016-17 season, has been described as "the Oscars of teaching" by Teacher magazine. More than $138 million in funding, including $68 million in individual $25,000 Awards, has been devoted to the overall program, which includes powerful professional development opportunities throughout recipients' careers.

Lowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes Virtual Tour

Tour the a brand-new, interpretive museum in the heart of historic downtown Fort Scott, Kansas by video! The new 6,000-square-foot exhibition hall features interactive exhibits highlighting individuals from history who took extraordinary actions to improve the lives of others, but were never recognized for their actions. In addition to brand-new exhibits, the new space includes a 48-seat theater with bench seating, a conference room, a life-sized apple tree, and student art projects.

Think About This: Progress Report on the State of American Education

This is the first installment in our video series Think About This. This series brings comprehensive research and data from years of analysis and classroom experience to bear on the challenges facing American education.

View the second video in this series, Think About This: Progress Report on Teacher Quality.